Evaluation of Implementation


Evaluation of Implementation

Evaluation form of the implementation of the Lisbon+21 Declaration

The Lisbon+21 Declaration comes to life through youth policies and programs at international, national and regional levels, and through projects implemented locally. In order to provide a practical tool that allows every institution to independently assess whether their initiatives comply with the Lisbon+21 principles and if they contribute to the implementation of the Declaration, we are providing an evaluation form.

The form aims to contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Lisbon+21 Declaration and can be applied to cross-sectoral strategies and policies, to sectoral policies or programs, or even to projects and programs that put into practice public policies. The form was developed with the objective of stimulating an in-depth reflection of self-assessment, therefore it must be completed considering a concrete instrument.

The purpose of preparing this form is to reinforce the commitment to collect data on the implementation of Lisbon+21. Its completion takes approximately 20 minutes and, after submission, automatically systematizes the strengths and points that need improvement, in light of the Lisbon+21 Declaration.



Principles and Commitments

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